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Property Services

Ready to shift option available on lease & Rental :

Residential Area:Sigra,Mahmoorganj, Lanka, Sunderpur, Chitaipur, Ravinderpuri Colony, Gurudham, Kamachha, Maldhaiya, Shivpur, Ardali bazar, Nadeshar, etc

Industrial Area:Ramnagar etc.

Commercial Area:Sigra, Mahmoorganj, Ravinderpuri, Lanka, Maldahiya, Luxa, Nadesher, Shivpur, Ardali Bazar, Gurudham, Durgakund, Bhelupur,etc.

Warehouse Zone:Lahartara, Lohta, Chataipur, Rajatalab, Ramnagar, Babatpur etc.

Services to our clients:

·Buying Property Service

·Selling Property Service

·Renting Property Service

·Building Construction Service

·Home Loan Consultant Service

·Property Valuation Service

·Real Estate Investment Services

Our Services details and Charges :


  • Identifying suitable property as per customer specifications.

  • Arranging the inspection of the property.

  • Facilitating negotiation and finalization of the deal.

  • Service charge charged at 1% of the purchase value, exclusive of tax.

  • Security of title, document and other encumbrance will be done at reasonable extra cost.


  • Identifying suitable buyer by paper advertisement, internet advertisement. We bear all advertisement costs.

  • Facilitating the inspection of the property for our client.

  • Entering into an agreement with the property owner to facilitate endorsement of our goodwill.

  • Our Service Charge will be 2% of the sale value.

Rental (Tenant):

  • Identifying a suitable property to match the customer's requirement.

  • Facilitating finalization of the lease terms.

  • Arranging for property inspection.

  • Our service charge will be one month rent exclusive of necessary service charge.

Annual Corporate Agreement (for corporate companies):

We meet all corporate requirement of real estate at one time payment on annual basis.

Rent out a property (Property Owner):

  • Finding suitable tenant as per customer requirement.

  • Facilitating inspection.

  • Undertaking marketing through paper and internet advertisements.

  • Facilitating finalization of the lease terms.

  • Our service charge is one month's rent exclusive of necessary tax.

  • On signing a MoU with us, the owner can reap the benefit of our marketing for his property during the stipulated period.

Project marketing for layout / Builders:

The service charged for marketing the layout will depend on the location, size and value of the project. We promise the best offer!

Property management and Services:

We arrange for collection of rent, maintenance of the property, depositing your money in your account, paying the taxes and electricity charges, renting out of the property, etc.

Legal Services:

We provide legal consultation and support for the property you wish to buy/sell. We have the best panel of advocates in the industry. The fee depends on the type of property.

Joint Venture (Builder and Land Owner):

  • 1% value of the super built-up area share should be paid by the property developer / builder.

  • 1% value of the super built-up area share should be paid by the property owner. The proposed market value of the built-up area at the time of signing the agreement would be taken for calculation purpose.

  • The service charge should be paid at the time of signing the joint venture, by both the developer and the property owner.

  • The above service charges are exclusive of applicable tax.

    You are requested to kindly contact us for Rent, Leasing, Sale and Purchase so that we can assist you and provide the BEST service.

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